Suzanne Schneller opened Innervisions in its first Anderson Township location in 1987.  As a trained Catholic Religious Education specialist she wanted to make more accessible religious books, art and medals to the local community.   As a graduate of the Archdiocesan Lay Pastoral Ministry with a Masters in Theology she is uniquely positioned to help people looking for:

Gifts and Card:
Sacramental gifts: Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, or Ordination
Special Occasions: Birth, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Get Well, New Home, 

Bibles, Meditation, Devotional, Music etc. .

Catechism, Inspirational,  Reflections, Theological , Children’s Books, Parenting etc.  

Statues, Crosses, Candles, Medals, 

At Innervisions Suzanne and her staff are knowledgeable about the local Catholic Communities and are  ready to help you find what you are searching for as a gift or for yourself.  Call or come by they are ready and eager to help you.


CHRIST has no body but yours......Yours are the hands with which He BLESSES all the world.......


St Teresa of Avila